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Economic Activities & Potential

Key commercial activities in Oniipa range from dry industries, tourism, retailing and transportation. Oniipa is considered an educational hub where most people got their education through the Finnish Mission and ELCIN. In addition, there are 3 bakeries, 2 butcheries, different workshops, 6 Grocery Shops and 4 mini-service stores. The council has recently initiated an annual exhibition festival to be known as Oshipe Annual Festival. Oshipe is expected to strengthen the town’s economy and help the businesses community to penetrate the global market through benchmarking and networking. Oshipe is further expected to promote and preserve the indigenous culture of Oniipa.

Within its economic potential, Oniipa Town has ample land for all types of developments and can offer business opportunities in heavy and light industries, hospitality, education, housing, and manufacturing. Our key strategic economic priorities are versed in urban agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, housing development, hospitality, education and contemporary shopping malls. Oniipa receives very good sunshine for solar energy harvest. The town has easy access to the railway as well as to the major national road network. Affordable land and community stand for hard work and innovation. Thus, Oniipa is strategically positioning itself to be the reception Centre for business transformation in Namibia due to its strategic position along the key transport corridors of Namibia. Oniipa is ready and open to business negotiations to improve the town and speed up the development of the town, by ensuring that we receive and encourage eye-catching infrastructure and tangible performance-driven results.

Okutopola Community Market