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Information About Oniipa

Oniipa Town is named after an African Ebony tree, which according to oral history served as a tannery that bears​ fruits of thick skins, hence the name Oniipa (a place with skins/hides). Oniipa was established by the Finnish Mission Society in 1872. It boasts of the first Hospital in Namibia known as Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital established in 1911 by Dr Selma Rainio (Gwanandjokwe). The first nursing school in Namibia was established by Kuku Gwanandjokwe in 1930 at Oniipa Mission Station. The first Teachers Seminary was established in Oniipa on 18 June 1913. Oniipa is home to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN), and its printing press which opened its doors to the public in 1901. The first pastors’ seminary was founded in Oniipa in 1923.

Oniipa is enriched with many of the heritage structures and objects. The oldest structures built in mud bricks and stylish architectural designs are found in Oniipa Town. This represents a significant attraction to tourists and perpetual travellers. Preservation and restoration of these heritage structures is a vital component of urban rehalatalization efforts. Heritage buildings and objects cultivate pride of our past and making us unique in the world. As singled out, we have seen greater potentials on heritage structures as enormous attractors of tourists. Everyone likes to experience the “spirit” of the place, which is mostly presented by its architecture. Therefore, these historic niches will make one think of any decaying oldie not as an object of demolition but as an opportunity of reborn and contribution to the local economy and wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Prior to upgrading to a town on 30 April 2015, Oniipa operated as a Settlement Area under Oshikoto Regional Council since 15 January 2004. Prior to that, the area was being administered by the Ondonga Traditional Authority. As a local authority, Oniipa Town Council is accountable for the good urban governance of the town for the government Republic of Namibia and its people including all the people residing within its area of jurisdiction.

Oniipa is located in Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia and is a district capital of the Oniipa Electoral Constituency. It is situated along the B1 Road between Omuthiya and Ondangwa. The town is very strategically located next to major national rail and road networks. The Main Road 121 that forms part of the national road network routes through Oniipa connecting it to Eenhana, Oshikango, Angola, Okongo and Rundu to the North. The historic, vibrant and biblical town of Oniipa has a beautiful landscape covered with natural shrubs. The town is suitable for all types of development.

Oniipa is an eye-catching logistical hub due to its prime location and enough land in the center of the region along the major continental transportation routes such as the Tsumeb–Oshikango Railway line and its proximity of 5 km to from Ondangwa Domestic Airport, which is planned to be upgraded to an International Airport.

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The total population of Oniipa by age group and sex, according to 2011 Census.

Oniipa is a home to seven schools, Threepublic schools and four private schools:

Public schools:

  1. Hans Daniel Namuhuja Secondary School
  2. Oniipa Junior Primary School
  3. Onethindi Primary School

Private schools:

  1. Chris Junior Primary School
  2. Heroes Private School
  3. Wendy Primary School
  4. North-Cote Pre and Primary school

Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital

Key commercial activities in Oniipa range from dry industries, tourism, retailing and transportation. Oniipa is considered an educational hub where most people got their education through the Finnish Mission and ELCIN. In addition, there are 3 bakeries, 2 butcheries, different workshops, 6 Grocery Shops and 4 mini-service stores. The council has recently initiated an annual exhibition festival to be known as Oshipe Annual Festival. Oshipe is expected to strengthen the town’s economy and help the businesses community to penetrate the global market through benchmarking and networking. Oshipe is further expected to promote and preserve the indigenous culture of Oniipa.

Within its economic potential, Oniipa Town has ample land for all types of developments and can offer business opportunities in heavy and light industries, hospitality, education, housing, and manufacturing. Our key strategic economic priorities are versed in urban agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, housing development, hospitality, education and contemporary shopping malls. Oniipa receives very good sunshine for solar energy harvest. The town has easy access to the railway as well as to the major national road network. Affordable land and community stand for hard work and innovation. Thus, Oniipa is strategically positioning itself to be the reception Centre for business transformation in Namibia due to its strategic position along the key transport corridors of Namibia.Oniipa is ready and open to business negotiations to improve the town and speed up the development of the town, by ensuring that we receive and encourage eye-catching infrastructure and tangible performance-driven results.

Oniipa is not just a historic and investment district but an incredible place to enjoy a great vacation too. The town has a lot to offer the discerning traveller with plenty of things to see and do. After all, Oniipa is the only town in Namibia with an open Medical Museum with plenty to boast in terms of tourist attractions. The Medical Museum out to definitely be on your list of things to do in Onipa. The museum is located within the Onandjokwe Hospital, the first hospital in the whole northern Namibia and has everything you would like to know about the health care in the 18th century, the up-surge and descent of the country’s era of oppression and segregation.

One of the most prestigious and amazing tourist itinerary route of attraction item in Oniipa is a Sauna. Saunas are generally only found in luxury spas, and so popular in their native country Finland. This is the most unique and historic sauna you can visit in Oniipa and not anywhere else in Namibia. Still carrying most of its old charm, the sauna offers birch twigs for visitors to bit against the skin in order to improve circulation and even continues to offer old-fashioned bloodletting. It has a much more casual and laid-back atmosphere than high-class spas and is a good place to relax and experience an authentic Finnish Sauna.
Nakambale Museum is one of the ideal places to use as a base to head off on a safari on the outskirts of the town for a close and personal enounter with a variety of Finnish Missionary Heritage Sites and objects. A tour to the village, Oshiwambo Traditional House (living museum) allow you to see traditional activities.

Punyu International Hotel
Oshikoto Guest House
ELOC Guest House

Auala Library
Oniipa Rehabilitation Center
ELOC Printing Press
Oniipa Day Care
Namibia Post Office
ELCIN Head Quarters
Three(3) filling Stations